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After playing around with analyzing how the firmware update process for a Walkera Hoten-X receiver (RX2635H) works and how this firmware is secured with a simple encryption method it’s now time to analyze the receiver hardware. So that it meight be possible to develop a custom firmware for this receiver.

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Walkera quadcopter firmware hacking

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Walkera produces realy fine and popular quadcopters. They are targeted to people who want to have fun flying. Just buy one of these RTF (ready to fly, no assembly or soldering required) models and start. That’s perfectly OK. But for me I always want to know whats going on inside a device. Especially a quadcopter. I own a few models and also some Walkera ones. A Hoten-X and a Ladybird. After analyzing the firmware update process of the Walkera Devo-7 transmitter and the Hoten-X (RX2635H) and Ladybird (RX2634H) receivers in another post, I now analyzed the receiver and its firmware.

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Walkera X-Z-18 internals

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Walkera X-Z-18 camera is a very cheap and simple flight recording camera. It is intended for usage with Walkera’s Hoten-X or Ladybird quadcopters but it can also be used with other copters.
See this post for how to install and use it.

I’m always interested in how thing’s work so the following post describes some internals of the X-Z-18 camera.

Click on a picture for a larger view

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UP02-HW.jpg So you have a new quadcopter or transmitter from Walkera and found out that there is a new firmware available on the Walkera download site. Unfortunately you don’t have the UP02 and its companion UP02-Adaptor at hand but want to update regardless. In this blog post I’ll describe another way to update your device.

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Little Wireshark

Friday, February 8, 2013

In times of Carrier IQ and other unwanted pieces of software possibly active on your mobile phone it would be nice to have tools like on your desktop PC to see whats going on. One of these tools on a PC is WireShark, a network sniffer. Unfortunately it only runs on PC’s (either Windows or Linux) and not on your SmartPhone. So how would it be possible to trace your phones network traffic?

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