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After weeks of development and several practice tests a summary paper is now available at the IDIRA webpage at www.idira.eu (local copy here)

It describes the findings and experiences of using Google Glass in Crisis & Disaster Management.

As already described in this post I’m testing Google Glass skills being used during disasters by relief field forces. Last week I conduct the second practice test during the IDIRA large scale excercise in Athens hosted by the Helenic Navy at their Skaramangas naval base and conducted as ENCELADUS 2014 exercise.
glass01.jpg   glass01a.jpg

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Google Glass with frame

Friday, October 31, 2014

Finally after my first Glass was somehow damaged (see this blog post) the new one arrived. This model can be extended with a frame for prescription lenses. Nice - because for me needing prescription glasses wearing the normal explorer edition over my normal glasses was not always so comfortable.
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After lots of test and development in the last months it seems that some parts of Google Glass are not yet ready for daily life.

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Between 2. and 4. October 2014 the 2nd IDIRA large scale crisis and disaster management exercise in Dresden and Görlitz / Germany took place. Organizations of different countries (DE, AT, GR, PL …) tested various IDIRA components in a flooding scenario.

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