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node.js based LoST (RFC 5222) server

Friday, December 18, 2015

lost-head.jpg Sometimes you need a component for a project or some tests and there is no or at least no free implementation available. This happens to me when I wanted to translate a geographically position (lat/lon) into a corresponding service URN. RFC 5222 provides more information on that. After reading the RFC which looked not that complicated I decided to implement such a server myself. The goal was also that it should be lightweigt, easy to develop and to deploy into the cloud. So it was obvious to me that node.js and mongodb will be used.

But it was also clear that there must be some sort of server management available where services and their properties like URN’s or covered areas could be easily managed. To provide a uniform interface for this management clients the server provides an Open Data Protocol (oData) interface which I realy like and have already used in some other projects.

lost-node is available on github https://github.com/rprinz08/lost-node and a working live demo at http://lost-node.azurewebsites.net/.



This implementation is not complete (yet). Missing are functions like redirect and recursion as well as a professional admin interface. But these features are on the roadmap.