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Little Wireshark

Friday, February 8, 2013

In times of Carrier IQ and other unwanted pieces of software possibly active on your mobile phone it would be nice to have tools like on your desktop PC to see whats going on. One of these tools on a PC is WireShark, a network sniffer. Unfortunately it only runs on PC’s (either Windows or Linux) and not on your SmartPhone. So how would it be possible to trace your phones network traffic?

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Some Windows Mobile 6.x phones have a very nice feature which allows you to get notified if someone removes your SIM card from your phone (e.g. in case it was lost or stolen) and inserts another one. Unfortunately this feature is buried very deep in config menus for example on a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone (Samsung Omnia B-7350). It’s called uTrack or MobileTracker.
This post shows a step by step guide how to enable this feature and what happens in case of a SIM change.

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Raspberry PI extension board - RasPiEx

Monday, February 4, 2013

The RaspberryPI project tries to encourage people to learn programming or start realizing their project ideas. With it’s low price and easy setup one can start developing right away. Thats for software. But the RaspberryPI also provides some ways for hardware extensions. Unfortunately most people think that hardware development is hard and complex. Sure it is different from software development but not so much.
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