WABA for the HP200LX  

This is a port of the WABA VM (a Virtual Machine implementing a subset of SUN's Java Language) for the HP200LX Palmtop. For more infos about the original WABA VM see http://www.wabasoft.com

Most of the functionality of the core WABA VM is already implemented in this Version, some functions are missing and some are special for the HP200LX.


Current version is 1.0:   download | BINARY | SOURCE |   see | INSTALLATION | SCREENSHOTS | SUPPORT |


To install just unzip the archive into a subdirectory and start w.bat. If no classfile is specified, waba/ui/Welcome is loaded. Also modify w.bat and set the CLASSPATH environment variable according your needs. All base classes are packed into waba.zip. Loading classes from ZIP files takes a little longer than loading classes native from disk. So to improve performance just unzip wabaN.zip and point your CLASSPATH to the directory where you have unziped waba.zip. (Don't unzip waba.zip! In waba.zip there is no support for long filenames included) WABA supports long filenames. This is no problems within ZIP archives but when reading classes directly from disk, this is a problem under DOS 5 running on the 200LX. To overcome this place a index.dat file in directories containing long filename files. It's just a simple textfile providing a translation from long to short filename. If such a file exists in a directory WABA will use it automaticaly. Just see the examples in wabaN.zip.

A standard LXWABA installation has the following file layout:

     +  w.bat        (batch to start waba, set's classpath and screen size)
     +  waba.exe     (the waba executable)
     +  waba.zip     (waba base classes)
     +  waba         (waba base classes - unziped for performance)
     |     |
     |     +  fx
     |     +  io
     |     +  lang
     |     +  sys
     |     +  ui
     |     +  util
     +  fonts
           :            (PAL .hfn fonts)
set your CLASSPATH=waba\waba;waba\waba.zip;waba\fonts
NOTE: in order for .hfn fonts to work correct, include the fonts directory in your CLASSPATH
The port uses the following code other than mine:
  1. VM core (www.wabasoft.com)
  2. 200LX PAL support (http://gilleskohl.de/pal/pal.htm)
  3. ZIP archives (www.gzip.org/zlib)
  4. TCP networking (http://www.erickengelke.com/wattcp/)
WABA vor the HP200LX Version 1.0 / 13.05.2003 by Richard.Prinz@MIN.at
Last modified: 13.05.2003