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Google Glass display problems

Friday, October 31, 2014

After lots of test and development in the last months it seems that some parts of Google Glass are not yet ready for daily life.



It’s not realy clear how it happened but at some day the mirror foil at the end of Glass’s display prism starts to become wrinkled and makes bubbles. By looking through Glass these bubbles and wrinkles could not directly be seen but instead the view was a little foggy. Nevertheless Glass works normally despite this damage.

So why did this happen? Some searching on the internet revealed that also others had the same problem.

For example see http://glassalmanac.com/google-glass-mortal-enemy-high-temps-humidity/656/

It seems that high summer temperatures or moisture may leed to this problem. Thinking about when Glass was used and in which situations in the past it was not possible to determine when it happened. So - too bad that this happend at all.

But nevertheless - Google Glass exploration will continue ……