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After building the Raspberry PI extension board it’s time to do some useful things with it.

The board contains an I2C temperature sensor and you can also connect external sensors so how can you use it to monitor temperatures over a long time range and store and visualize the measurements?

This post describes a very simple way to do this as well as how to store the measurement data local as well as in the cloud.
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Makeing a mobile phone or tablet holder out of Lego bricks is not only very easy but also
fun to do.

You just need 13 parts. Just follow these steps and you will end up with a very handy tool
holding your phone in a perfect 65° degree angle position when watching videos.

The 3D model is done using ML-CAD and can be downloaded here

And here are some pictures of the finished holder.


So you have just bought your new very fancy quadcopter? Fine! But I’m pretty sure (unless you are
very talented) after some flights somehow the idea will arise to have the oportunity to train your
flying skills without some (maybee more) hard landings or (worse) crashes.

Here I describe a way to connect nearly every R/C transmitter to your PC using an Arduino UNO
board. Why? Because I bought a quadcopter and hat some hard landings and crashes so I started
training on the PC using a flight simulator controlled by my R/C transmitter.
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