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fitbit.png Some time ago I wrote a blog post about exporting FitBit fitness data into a Sqlite3 database or exporting it as a CSV file for further processing. This was done using a simple Node.js javascript script called “fitbit_dumper”. The original dumper used OAuth version 1 to access the FitBit API.

Since 2016 the FitBit API is only accessible using OAuth2. So this post describes the differences to the original post.

To use fitbit_dumper follow the steps described in the original post. You have to register fitbit_dumper with your FitBit account. The following screenshots show the OAuth2 parameters needed to enter into the script. They also show how to obtain the authorization code after fitbit_dumper starts registering from the address bar of a browser.

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See https://github.com/rprinz08/fitbit_dumper for source code.