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Walkera RX2635H hello world firmware

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Based on the findings of previous posts I wrote a simple program using ATMEL’s AVR Studio and flashed it onto the Walkera Hoten-X RX2635H receiver. It’s very simple. Its the classic “hello world” program. As the receiver has only one LED to communicate with the outside world I used this LED as user interface. The program uses morse code to send the text “OK” by pulsing the LED. This results in the pulses - - - (long long long) - . - (long short long) for the characters O and K.

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After playing around with analyzing how the firmware update process for a Walkera Hoten-X receiver (RX2635H) works and how this firmware is secured with a simple encryption method it’s now time to analyze the receiver hardware. So that it meight be possible to develop a custom firmware for this receiver.

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Walkera quadcopter firmware hacking

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Walkera produces realy fine and popular quadcopters. They are targeted to people who want to have fun flying. Just buy one of these RTF (ready to fly, no assembly or soldering required) models and start. That’s perfectly OK. But for me I always want to know whats going on inside a device. Especially a quadcopter. I own a few models and also some Walkera ones. A Hoten-X and a Ladybird. After analyzing the firmware update process of the Walkera Devo-7 transmitter and the Hoten-X (RX2635H) and Ladybird (RX2634H) receivers in another post, I now analyzed the receiver and its firmware.

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Raspberry PI power plug case

Monday, March 23, 2015

RpiCase.png This post describes building a compact system based on a Raspberry PI inside a power plug much like the DreamPlug or others.

Managing and controlling things with a Rasperry Pi is common these days. The only problem in most situations is finding a suitable case. It shuld be compact, containing all necessarry parts and easy to modify. The Rasperry PI is not very suitable for installing it in standard cases due to it’s connectors. So there are lots of specialized cased from plastic or wood or metal. This situation has changed a little with the second generation of the PI but it is still not so easy to find the right case for a PI project.

The following text describs a way of installing a Raspberry PI including a power supply and extension board in one compact plug case.
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pharoGapi1.png While working on a project which uses some Google API’s I came across Googles API registry. Under https://www.googleapis.com/discovery/v1/apis/ all API’s for Google services like Google Drive or Gmail are described. More infos can be found at the Google APIs Discovery Service page. From the API registry a client could discover services and automatically build proxy classes and methods based on the provided metadata. Thats what I have done for Pharo Smalltalk. Other companies like Microsoft also provide some form of service discovery for their service API’s (see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/office365/api/discovery-service-rest-operations)

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